Is experience required?

No jet ski experience is required to go on our tour. We take people all the time who have never been on a jet ski!

How long does the jet ski tour go for?

The tour goes for 4-4½ hours with 2½-3 hours on the jet ski and the rest dress up, dress down and safety briefing.

Which jet ski tour time is better – 9am or 2pm?

There is no difference between either of the jet ski tour times.

How many people go on each jet ski tour?

We have a maximum of 6 client jet skis per launch. To minimize our impact on the area and other user groups we like to limit the number of people/machines on each jet ski tour. Call us regarding bigger groups or custom tours. 907-830-4001

What is the best way to get to Whittier?

We always recommend the best way of getting to Whittier (or getting around Alaska in general!) is a rental car. It allows you to have much more freedom in where you can go and stops you can make. The next best thing if that’s unavailable is a shuttle. We highly recommend Bear Valley Road Runner www.bearvalleyroadrunner.com

What if I miss the tunnel?

We cannot hold the tour for you if you miss the tunnel. Please make sure you leave enough travel time to make the tunnel into Whittier for your tour time. You can check the Whittier Tunnel Schedule here

What if I’m on the Portage side of the tunnel when the tour starts?

We cannot hold the tour for you if you miss the tunnel. Please make sure you leave enough travel time to make the tunnel into Whittier for your tour time. You can check the Whittier Tunnel Schedule here

What happens if it rains on our jet ski tour?

We are well prepared for the rain! We provide high quality dry suits and helmets with visors to keep you safe and comfortable even when it’s raining. All our machines are equipped with heated handlebars.

When do you cancel a jet ski tour?

Our jet ski tours run rain or shine! The only thing that would stop us is the wind, if it’s too windy we may have to cancel a tour. If we must cancel for any reason you will receive a full refund.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 14-day cancellation policy. If you cancel 14 days before your tour, it’s a full refund minus credit card fees ($12 per person) which is held by the credit card company. Within 14 days you can reschedule for a $50 per person rescheduling fee.

What are your weight/height limits?

Our dry suit maximums are 280lbs and 6’7”. It does depend on how you’re proportioned as well so take that into account.

What is the age limit?

Anyone 16 and over can operate their own jet ski.

My child is 12, can they come on the jet ski tour with me?

Yes, children aged 12-15 can ride as a passenger with an adult who has previous jet ski experience (or snowmachine, motor bike, atv etc.). Please bear in mind this is a 60 mile round trip on the ocean in changing water conditions so it’s a lot more strenuous than riding on a lake.

What do you mean by “you should be in good physical condition”?

We don’t recommend coming off the couch and jumping on one of our jet ski tours. Age is not a factor – we have taken people in their 80’s before – it’s more a sense of adventure and seeking the thrill of driving yourself to a glacier.

Can I double up?

To ensure the comfort and happiness of all our clientele we do not book adult tandem riders. While riding double is great for a spin on the lake, we have found that our 60 mile tour through changing ocean conditions can be very uncomfortable for passengers. While it would be financially beneficial for us to book double riders, we encourage people to ride their own jet skis. We take lots of people who have never driven a jet ski before, and our guides are well trained at getting people comfortable on a jet ski. Most people feel like pros with a little help from our guides! Please call us to discuss any concerns 907-830-4001.

Will I receive a confirmation email?

Yes, after payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation email that covers where we are in Whittier, what we provide and what you need to bring. If you don’t receive an email, check your junk mail folder. If you still can’t find it, please call us 907-830-4001

Can we freeride on the jet skis?

We do not allow freeriding on our jet ski tours. We use our watercraft differently than most jet ski users; instead of heading out and cutting a couple of spins on a lake, we use ours to explore remote areas of Alaska. The areas we travel through are pristine wilderness areas under the protection of the US forest service and Alaska State Parks. It is a privilege to be able to access these areas and we do everything we can to limit our impact on the area. For this reason, we do not allow freeriding on our jet ski tours, this means we are never in one area for long periods affecting wildlife and other user groups negatively. We do not allow aggressive riding on our tour either as we do travel into very remote areas with limited medical access. We’re heading out into remote areas of Alaska, so we really try to find the line between fun and safety. This jet ski tour is for people interested in the thrill of driving themselves to the glaciers of Blackstone Bay and experiencing the scenery in a unique way. It’s all about the scenery along the way and the destination!

What speed do we have to go?

We generally run our jet ski tours between 35-55mph.

Is this safe?

Safety is our number one priority even ahead of showing people a great time. We pioneered these tours into Blackstone Bay and set the standard for safe operation. We continue to have the highest safety standards on the water. We send all of our trips out with a highly trained lead and tail guide and provide high quality breathable dry suits, life jackets, full face helmets with in-helmet communication to ensure safety and comfort.

What should I wear?

It’s best to wear good underlayers to keep warm underneath our dry suits. We recommend thermals/leggings, warm socks and several upper body layers. Layers are best in general in Alaska for the ever changing weather!

What should I bring?

Don’t bring anything that you don’t want to accidentally fall in the ocean! We suggest bringing a camera for obvious reasons! Also bring some good underlayers/thermals to keep you warm.

Do we stop for lunch?

We don’t stop for lunch. We recommend having breakfast or lunch and supporting one of the awesome local cafes in Whittier!

Where can I use the restroom while out on the jet ski?

We highly recommend using the restroom at our location before we head out onto the water. If you need to use the restroom while on tour, please alert a guide with enough time to head to shore and have a bathroom break in nature.

What happens if I’m travelling solo?

We will try to fit you on a jet ski tour with other people.

Can I rent a jet ski without a guide?

No, we don’t rent jet skis, only guided tours.

When should I book?

We have very limited space and recommend booking as soon as you know your schedule to allow for the time and date you’d prefer.

When does the wildlife show up?

Unfortunately, we can’t plan the wildlife! Most trips we’ll see sea otters, sea lions, kittiwakes and other birdlife. Occasionally we’ll see whales, bears and even mountain goats!

What day will the whales be breaching?

Sunday. Joking. Unfortunately, we can’t plan the wildlife that’s what makes them wild! We love seeing whales, but they are not something we see commonly and are truly a special moment for clients and guides!

Where can I park in Whittier?

We have free parking on our big lot in Whittier so save yourself the parking ticket!

How much is the jet ski tour?

The jet ski tour price is $346 per person including tax.

Do you allow pregnant women on the tour?

We’d strongly advise discussing with your doctor and following their recommendations.

I have a bad neck/back/knee/wrist, is it ok for me to do this tour?

We’d strongly advise discussing with your doctor and following their recommendations.

Who is the original company that started jet ski tours in Blackstone Bay?

Glacier Jetski Adventures were the pioneers of jet ski tours into Blackstone Bay. We set the standards for the industry providing safe, unique and high-quality tours for small groups into Prince William Sound.

Why should we choose you for a jet ski tour?

If you’re seeking an Alaskan adventure and the thrill of driving yourself to a tidewater glacier then this is the tour for you! We originated the Blackstone Bay jet ski tour and are the industry leaders in safety and comfort. Our gear is the highest quality in the industry, and we focus purely on jet ski tours to provide high quality personalized tours. Glacier Jetski Adventures only does two trips per day with only six spots available to ensure the highest quality tour. The biggest reason is we are a local family-owned business who are living their dream by getting the opportunity to show you Blackstone Bay from the seat of your own watercraft, we truly appreciate all our customers and promise we will show it!