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The Industry's Best Safety Record

Safety will always be our main priority. Having fun is definitely a close second, but safety always comes first when traveling through remote areas of Alaska!

As the original operator in Alaska, we set the standard for operating safe jet ski tours in Prince William Sound and are extremely proud of our accident-free safety record over our 7 years of operation!

A Background in High Safety Standards

Our background in water safety is something that definitely sets us apart in the way we operate our jet ski tours. When we started this business, we brought over 20 years of experience from multiple guiding venues in Alaska, our solid grounding meant we were able to put together a jet ski tour with the highest standards of safety as the number one priority.

Experienced & Highly Trained Guides

We do not consider operating motorized tours on the water in remote Alaska to be an entry-level guiding position. All of our jet ski tour guides have been in the guiding field for a number of years, coming from different backgrounds. From rafting, climbing, mountain guides, and ski patrollers, our guides are able to draw on their years of experience guiding and recreating in the Alaskan backcountry. We combine that with specific training in boating safety, nautical navigation, and weather patterns in Prince William Sound. They are highly trained and safety is at the forefront of that training.

We are extremely proud of our amazing staff of jet ski tour guides, their focus on safety and communication is something we are sure you’ll appreciate!

Our Equipment

All of our equipment has been carefully selected with safety in mind.

Our SeaDoo GTX has been specifically designed for open water use. This means a more comfortable and less strenuous ride through changing ocean conditions. This helps reduce sore muscles or potential strains, keeping you fresh for your next adventure! They are all equipped with the latest braking and steering technology, making operation easy and intuitive.

Our drysuits will keep you warm and dry while on the water! Don’t believe us – test the waters and go for a swim!

We provide comfortable low-profile lifejackets that are replaced every year.

Our full-face Fly racing helmets not only protect our clients but the optional visor is essential to operating the machine safely if you get any rain on the trip. With rain-x and anti-fog applied before every trip, you’ll be able to see clearly and ride safe in any weather!

We’re the only company out there to offer in-helmet communication on our jet ski tours. This allows us to give clients information about the area and tips on how to ride their jet skis without stopping the entire group. This level of communication is a massive factor in preventing accidents while on the water and increases the overall quality of the tour.

Jetski Tour Instructor Giving Speech about Safety while Holding Helmet
Group of Jetski Riders Being Instructed by Jetski Tour Guide
Jetski Tour Guide Fitting Customer with Helmet
Jetski Tour Guide on Jetski Pointing Off in the Distance
Jetski Riders and Instructors Dawning Gear